Monday, December 19, 2011

Proper Introductions

So welcome to my blog. Allow me to introduce myself. My name’s D.H. Sayer, I’m 27 years old, and as of last Friday I am officially an author. My first book is in the kindle store right now.

It’s called Deadly Reflections. It’s sort of a hybrid book, a little horror, a little thriller, a little love storyish. Maybe a little Stephen King mixed with the Twilight series. And I’m sure it’ll be just as popular as those books. J

Just kidding. But I do think it will appeal to readers who enjoy books in the Paranormal Romance genre, as well as those who just like a good yarn. My goals for the book are modest—if it gets any sort of audience, no matter how small, that’d be great. If there was a small core of people who really liked it, I’d be ecstatic. Really, I’d be ecstatic if anyone I didn’t know and wasn’t contractually obligated to tell me they loved it (like parents, or friends) told me they kinda dug it. It’ll be pretty exciting either way, seeing if it can resonate with readers. I worked on it for a long time, and by the end I found that I was really eager for someone else to take a look at it. In a way, the extensive work I did put me too close to it, and I’m no longer sure if it “works.” Are the entertaining parts entertaining? Thrilling parts thrilling? I no longer know. (I’m pretty sure they are, but we’ll see whether anyone agrees with me. J)

I’ve actually gotten a few sales already, for which I’m grateful. Thank you! I hope the 99 cent price point makes it easy for whoever wants to read it to buy a copy.

BTW, if you run a review blog, email me and I’ll send you a free copy. I’d like to get the book in as many supportive hands as possible—or even in the hands of people that would give it their honest assessment, it need not be complimentary. Even bad reviews would be interesting to me! Really!

So, yeah. I’ll be updating this blog hopefully pretty regularly, and I promise it won’t all be about  Deadly Reflections, because that might get pretty uninteresting after a while. (Although I do have some cool things I want to do in the future, like a conversation with the cover artist [Sup Pat!] and sharing some handwritten drafts with you guys so you can see what went into the editing process.) I’m not sure I want to impose a structure on the blog right off…for now it’ll probably just be kinda random. Which is fun. I know I like reading other people’s random blogs.

In between posts, you can follow me on twitter and facebook. Or email me. Or comment on the blog. I’m always interested in talking to people, especially if they love books (I’m assuming you do). If there’s anything I feel passionately about, it’s the power of the written word, and I am so psyched to be officially part of this venerable tradition.

Hope to hear from you in some form or another! Take care everyone.


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