Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Wild Week

I have to say: It’s been quite a great week.

It started with Deadly Reflections getting two great reviews: one by Book Nook Club and another by The Bibliophilic Blog. The very nice things said by both reviewers put me on cloud 9 for the rest of the day. Star, the main reviewer for Bibliophilic, has done advance reviews of New York Times bestsellers and interviewed their authors, so needless to say it was flattering that she chose to spotlight Deadly Reflections. She’s a great and voracious reader, and her endorsement means a lot to me.

Also, in a wildly successful promotional offer, Deadly Reflections was made free for three days earlier this week. The book gained thousands of new readers and even cracked the top 10 in its genre. (It even charted in its subgenres in other territories; I was pleased beyond all measure to see it on the Romance charts in the French Kindle Store.)

Thanks to all who participated in the promotion. For those who missed it, I will do another free offer later this year with the two remaining promotional days I have left (Amazon gives you five). But in the meantime, I’ll point out that Deadly Reflections is still available at the reasonable price of 99 cents. If the healthy post-promotional boost in sales is any indication, positive word of mouth is already spreading. My hope is to put the book on the radar of every reader who would enjoy it, so if you’ve read Deadly Reflections and like it, please recommend it to a friend.

For all the new readers of the blog: Welcome! I try to keep a fairly regular posting schedule, about once every three days or so (this week was kinda shot because things were so hectic with the promotion). The posts range from musings to news to top 10 lists. I try not to do anything too topical or ephemeral; I want my posts to be substantial and “built to last” so they could theoretically be read a year from now and still be enjoyable. Most of all, I want to do posts that readers will like reading and feel are worth their time. So no “I went to the store, I checked my email, I took a nap”-type updates. (Although maybe if I have a really great, worthwhile nap that I just have to write about, this rule might go out the window. J)

For people looking for more information about Deadly Reflections, I’ve started to build a collection of “Special Features” which are now listed in the sidebar. There’s some great stuff there like an interview with the cover artist and scans of draft pages. I encourage you to check it out. There’s more of that sort of thing coming, including an exclusive look at the original ending of the story, which is drastically different from what’s in the published book.

Lastly, I want to thank you all—new readers and old—for joining me on this terribly exciting ride I’m on right now. My first book has even at this early stage exceeded my wildest expectations, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Take care,

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