Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Deadly Reflections: Book Club Discussion Questions

So there is a team of people who are helping me out with P&A and doing some general behind the scenes work in trying to get the word out about Deadly Reflections. They just sent me some questions of the kind you see at the end of some books, questions that can be used to foster discussion at a book club meeting, for example. I think they’re kind of wonderful, so I’m posting them here. Enjoy.

Note: There are spoilers in the questions, so please don’t refer to them until after you’ve finished the book.

1. Where do you think the mysterious box came from? What were some of the things that hinted at its provenance?

2. How does the school in the book compare with the school you used to go to or are currently attending? How are the students similar to or different from your fellow students?

3. Was it fate or chance that Justin and Sarah met? Discuss some of the events that brought them together.

4. What does Sarah have in common with Justin? How are they different? What are her similarities with Brandon? Differences? How important is it that two people in a relationship "mirror" each other in personality, temperament, life experiences, etc.?

5. Some of the Terror's victims meet their end in ironic ways and some of the deaths are tragic. Discuss the difference between irony and tragedy using incidents from the book.

6. Halfway through the book, Justin advocates an attention to the “now.”  Is it possible to do this without consideration of the past and future? How did living in the now help some of the characters? How was it detrimental?

7. Is Brandon an evil person? Why or why not?

8. The story takes place in a rural New England town. How would the story be different if it took place in a major metropolitan area?

9. The two protagonists express their love for each other at the end. At what point do you think Justin fell in love with Sarah? When did Sarah fall in love with Justin? What's next for them?

10. What do you think happens to all the characters in the future: Justin and Sarah, the “janitor,” the Terror?

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