Sunday, April 29, 2012

Casual Sunday

Ah, nothing like starting off the morning with a veggie omelet. One with lots of greens and reds. Which sounds like it's full of pills, but I assure you it wasn't.

The Celts start their playoff run today. There's a sense of hopefulness in the air about the whole business. Hopefully they won't follow the lead of their ice-skating brethren and fall in the first round. I'm pretty sure we can beat the Hawks, even without home court advantage.

Every year, my friends and I do a bracket for fun. We pick the winners and the games, with 5 points for calling the winner and 1 point (for tie-breaking purposes) for predicting the number of games the series goes (providing the winner was chosen). I did mine on Friday, before Rose's injury changed the complexion of the whole playoffs. For the record, I have:

Bulls over Sixers in 6
Boston over Atlanta in 5
Orlando over Pacers in 7
Miami over Knicks in 5

Spurs over Utah in 4
Clippers over Memphis in 6
Lakers over Denver in 5
OKC over Dallas in 6

Boston over Bulls in 6
Miami over Pacers in 5

Spurs over Clippers in 7
OKC over Lakers in 6

Boston over Miami in 7
OKC over Spurs in 6

OKC over Boston in 6

Yes, I'm not so much of a homer that I'd pick the Celts to win it all. Frankly, beating the Heat will be victory enough, similiar to how it is when the Sox beat the Yankeeseverything else is just icing on the cake.

I think my main competition this year is NBA 2K. I always fire up the Xbox and tweak the rosters to account for injuries and see what the game predicts will happen. This year it says that Miami will beat the Spurs in 5. That result might've been what the crunched numbers indicated to the CPU, but my human intuition tells me it'll turn out otherwise. We'll see if man can once again triumph over machine. 

Take care everyone,

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