Friday, May 25, 2012

Look/Sound Familiar?

This blog isn't normally in the business of breaking stories, but since it appears nobody else is talking about this yet (specifically Cigarettes and Red Vines, the most comprehensive site on PT Anderson), I'll share what I've discovered here.

(Update: Retweeted by Cigarettes and Red Vines. Thanks!)

On Thursday, the National Film Preservation Foundation released a remastered video of a John Huston documentary called Let There Be Light about soldiers suffering from psychological wounds suffered in WWII. I read about it in the paper today and the frame they used instantly caught my eye:

This is a shot from The Master teaser:

This seems to tell us very specifically where Joaquin Phoenix's character is in the teaser and who the person is across from him, or at least his profession. Furthermore, one of the psychiatrists in the Huston documentary asks a soldier "Are you mixed up?" (at about the 12:00 mark), which is the first line we hear in the teaser.



  1. Great catch! We'll be sure to include in our next update.

    - Cigs&Vines

  2. great eye for the details as always!