Friday, October 10, 2014

Here's a short little thing

Here's my tinyletter of the week, or whatever those things are (they seem more or less like blogs, just packaged to seem cooler than they are. We will forever be sold things to make us feel cooler than we are, apparently. Which is easy because being cool has become a malleable construct anyway. But anyway):

It's a short road from "People do that" to "Some people do that" to "People THINK people do that" to "*I've* never thought that" to "Now I feel more alone in the world."

With one notable exception, and only because it was a life-changing tome for me, I've never brought up the whole "hey what are you reading" thing with people I see who are carrying books. Same with music. So if it's a thing, I don't relate. And even if you've "come to realize" that you shouldn't do this, I don't get you because it has never even occurred to me to think it was a thing to do. So if those are the two categories of people in the world, as some would have you believe, well, damn. Cue the feelings of aloneness. (Probably abetted by they are always talking about seeing these people on subways. Are there places that don't have subways? Not according to these peope.)

But also I'm with someone partially because she asked me about a magazine I was reading instead of leaving me alone. So to add the gender thing into it is weird too, man I'm obliquely addressing. But hey, you're young, you always will be. Stay young.

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