Thursday, November 27, 2014

Taking David Foster Wallace's English 170R: Class #1 (The Man Who Loved Children, Introduction & pp. 3-198)

Today is the official first day of class in English 170R. Since the syllabus says that "the whole breath and bread of this course is discussion" and that class participation was a big component of the course, I thought I would record my thoughts on the reading material assigned for the day. These are the things I would contribute to the class discussion. Now obviously there won't be a back and forth with fellow classmates and the professor, but this monologueish thing is the best I can offer. (Perhaps later someone would be willing to join me for one of these classes in a recorded conversation over Skype or something. We shall see.)

Today we tackle the first five chapters of Christina Stead's The Man Who Loved Children.

Note: Sorry I'm so nervous. I'm sure it'll become more comfortable to express my thoughts aloud the more I do it, as I'm sure would've been the case in real life.

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